Things to Do in Lake Toba

Things To Do in Lake Toba has a great deal to see and take in, but with regards to things to do…seriously, the best thing to do in Lake Toba would be to simply unwind. Chill by the lakeside, take a dip in its pleasant, mineral-rich waters, pick up a book in a second-hand bookstore and then chill some more.

If you really must do something more active, take a kayak out to explore the lake or plan an overnight party with a few other travellers.

Swim from the Waterfall
Just above Tuk Tuk, you will locate a waterfall that you might love to take a refreshing swim in by the time you attain it.

Relax from the Hot Springs
There are hot springs around 40 kilometers from Tuk Tuk and the water is really hot. You may be capable to scoop it up and perhaps even stand inside, but it’s generally not swimmable. But it’s a beautiful, scenic drive the whole way there!

What to Eat Lake Toba
You won’t even go hungry here. There’s no lack of tasty Indonesian food as well as European offerings. You may also locate magic mushrooms and an assortment of ‘joyful herb’ pizzas to appease your tastebuds.

Museum Huta Solon Simanindo
This museum is a must-see for anybody wanting to know more about Batak culture and tradition. You’ll see some excellent samples of traditional Batak houses as well as be capable to grab a Batak dancing performance is you go from the first mid-day.

Christian Paraphernalia
As the nation with the biggest population of Muslims in the world, Indonesia could be the last place you expect to locate Christian paraphernalia, but strangely enough — you’ll encounter more Christian paraphernalia in Toba than from the American Bible Belt.

You may see it everywhere — girls wear gold cross bracelets, many Batak homes have a minumum of one Jesus-themed tapestry, as well as the rice paddies and villages are all built adjacent to and around Protestant-style churches and tombs.

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