Meals To Prepare As You Entertain Company During The Cormier vs. Lewis UFC Fight

The upcoming clash between Daniel Cormier and Derrick Lewis is bound to be momentous in UFC history. Cormier, the duel champion of the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight categories will defend his Heavyweight title against Lewis, the second Heavyweight in UFC. It is a clash of the Titans and there’s nothing better for fans than watching it all unfold. Most fans understand that one of the best ways of enjoying competitive sports such as UFC is watching the games in the presence of company. For that reason, there’s bound to be many fans hosting parties on Game Day.

However, streaming the UFC fight live isn’t enough to entertain guests, and one of the most basic requirements is the food. Exquisite food has a way of making the game more enjoyable and memorable, which is why it is necessary to know what to offer your guests during the fight. This article highlights the best game day meal ideas from which you can decide what to prepare for your guests.


Ideal meal ideas for game day


  • Wings


Although common, chicken wings are one of the most popular game day meal options because they are satisfactory, easy to prepare and there’s plenty of variety. You can select different ways to make chicken wings and even come up with additional meal ideas based on the wings. Ideally, you can also order the wings and save yourself the trouble of preparing them. My recommendation for the Cormier – Lewis match is spicy wings.


  • Brisket sandwiches


Sandwiches, like wings, have plenty to offer regarding variety. However, for this, we are further narrowing it down to brisket sandwiches. As the core ingredient, how you prepare the brisket determines the kind of brisket sandwiches you will serve. Ideally, you can also settle on entirely different sandwich recipes for your guests. While sandwiches are relatively easy to prepare, you should consider the preparation time for the core ingredients as well, as is the case with brisket. Ideally, you should make the brisket beforehand then prepare and serve the sandwiches after the guests arrive.


  • Pizza


Pizza is an ideal choice because despite being a hassle to prepare, it is always ready to order. That makes things easier since you can order based on everyone’s preferences. This is the best option if you’re not sure what your guests like or dislike.


Considerations to make when choosing your meal ideas


  • Cost


When coming up with the meal idea for your guests during fight day, you should consider the expense of the whole affair. You shouldn’t choose over the top meal ideas that would put you over budget, especially considering that it is a single day event.


  • Time


There are various factors to consider when it comes to time. For starters, there’s the scheduled event time, which affects the kind of meal you offer to your guests. For instance, if the event will air during the night, then you should prepare something dinner-like. More importantly, since different ingredients have different preparation times, you should ensure that ingredients that take up too much time should be prepared beforehand.


  • Guest preferences


Assuming you are well acquainted with the guests, you should know their meal preferences, especially for those with allergies and vegans. You should, therefore, choose to prepare a meal that’s flexible. For instance, when it comes to sandwiches, you can quickly change out the meat with vegetables for the vegans.


The Takeaway

Ultimately, your choice shouldn’t be too strenuous, costly or time-consuming. You should prepare a meal that’s convenient for you but also appealing, delicious and satisfactory to your guests as you all enjoy the fight.

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