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Tips for Organizing British Bachelor Parties Otherwise Known As Stag Weekends

Other than making a funny speech at the wedding, a best man is also required to plan for a stag weekend, hence making it a challenging task. In the event a boozy weekend does not seem like the groom’s idea of a good time, you may need to come up with other ways of making him and your team members happy. As will be mentioned here, you will be able to get some tips on how to organize a stag weekend that will ensure you earn an award for being the Best Man of the Year.

If you are a sports person, you can organize a match fixture with your group members. Once you determine when next your favorite team will be playing, you can book with one of the dedicated sports travel agencies that offer great travel packages. Going for an extreme adventure activity weekend would be the best bet if you are looking to have the adrenaline flowing before leaving the town. You can choose from a range of activities that range from obstacle courses, archery, high ropes, rafting and even caveman hunting. Such activities promote some serious lad bonding as you will be working together to complete tasks.

Secondly, you can opt for paintballing or airsoft if your group has some Call of Duty fans. Since the activity involves the use of a paintball gun, you will have fun taking down the enemy side. Boat and river cruise trips are also an exciting way to enjoy a stag weekend, especially if you want to do something different. Considering that there are many options to choose from regarding boats, you can settle for one that suits your group’s preferences.

By engaging in zorbing and bubble soccer, you will not only enjoy having fun but also test both your physical and mental strength. Through such an experience, the groom can have a chance of getting behind the wheel of a dream car and have some fun. Apart from the racing experience, you can as well opt for a road trip. An RV may come in handy especially if you are looking to go for a road trip in a small group. To enjoy your road trip, you may need to identify the routes that have great hotspots such as tourist spots, local breweries, treasure hunt and also the fun scavenger.

Lastly, you can also go for a golfing weekend. Since golfing is a great activity for all age groups, your team will enjoy having a great time since it is a chilled activity. By following the stag ideas mentioned above, your group will remember you for being a remarkable Best Man.

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