Facts about our feline friends

There are many animals that have become domesticated by humans but there are two that always battle for the top

spot. Cats and Dogs! There are thought to be over 500 million domestic cats worldwide and there has been an

association between humans and felines for over 10,000 years.  Much like dogs, cats take up a special place in our

hearts and we show our affection towards them in a variety of ways including buying them Christmas gifts and

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Lap trays to find one similar to your favourite feline. Here are some interesting facts about cats:


Ginger cat


  • Cats sleep for between 13 and 14 hours a day as a way of conserving some of their energy. They aren’t overly fussy about where they sleep either as long as it is warm or soft. Amongst their favourite places are windowsills in full sunlight, at the foot of the bed, on a sofa or in any box that they can try and fit themselves into.


  • A male cat is known as a Tom, a female a Molly or Queen and a group of cats is called a Clowder.


  • A domestic cat recorded as the heaviest in the world weighed a total of 21.29 kilograms (46lbs 15.2oz). The average cat will weigh between 4-5 kgs (8lb 13 oz – 11 lb)


  • Cats are sneaky and lethal hunters. You may have seen a cat scoop down level with the floor its front feet close the back feet and the tell-tale bottom wiggle before they pounce. When they are talking their prey they will once again get as low as they can to the floor and their will walk with their back paws stepping in almost exactly the same position as their front feet have.



  • Cats eyes are adapted for night vision and are incredibly powerful. They can actually see at six times a lower light level than human beings can. It is not only their eyesight that is powerful but also their sense of smell and hearing.


  • Cats playing together can sometime look very aggressive, but it is actually a way for them to practice their skills and learn from one another – particularly between kittens and parents – for fighting and hunting.


  • Cats live for around 12-15 human years, but some have been known to live over the age of 20. Which makes owning one a commitment that no one should take lightly.

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