5 ways to get your kitchen ready for Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, you are probably already up to your eyes with shopping lists and things to remember. One of the most important aspects of the Christmas celebrations is all that glorious food. Take the stress out of cooking this year by preparing your kitchen for the busy holiday season.

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Have a clear out

According to the Guardian, one of the most important aspects of ensuring that your kitchen is a stress-free zone is to keep it tidy.

Clear out all the old food that might be lurking in your fridge and cupboards, and get rid of anything that has passed its expiry date. You’ll have more room for everything you will need over Christmas. While you clear out, wash down shelves and doors, saving you a job later. Don’t forget to defrost your freezer.

Check cutlery and crockery

Creating a beautiful Christmas table for the best meal of the year need not be a daunting task. If you have special china, check it for chips and cracks before giving it and your cutlery a thorough clean. Wash your tablecloth and serviettes, press them and fold so they’ll be ready for Christmas Day. Remember your Christmas crackers – dinner wouldn’t be complete without them.

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Declutter your surfaces

You’ll need plenty of space to prepare Christmas dinner. Are you keeping appliances that you never use on your worktops? Put them away if you are sure you won’t need them over the festive season. Now you will have enough room to prepare all that delicious food that you will be creating.

Clean your cooker

Cleaning your cooker is one of the worst jobs, but once it is complete, you will have a sparkling oven, ready for that turkey. If you have something similar to a medium duty 6 burner gas range oven, such as www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk/lincat-slr6-silverlink-600-4-burner-gas-range-oven, it should be easy to clean, with wipe-clean stainless steel surfaces. Cleaning inside the oven is more difficult, but there are a wealth of brilliant oven cleaning products available, and once it’s done, you will feel so accomplished.

Stock up

Buy those bits and pieces that you and your guests may need in advance, so you will have plenty over the Christmas period. Items such as bin bags, foil and cling film, string, washing up liquid and batteries are essential.

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